Call Me Crazy

Stubborn or Just Plain Crazy

I’m not sure who’s crazier, my horse or myself.  Maybe I’m just stubborn.  Better yet, determined.  Yeah I like the way that sounds better.

What am I so determined about?  Finding a way via training (not medication) to bring Dancer under stimulus control in new environments.  Call me crazy because many say it can’t be done.  Call me crazy because I am determined to find a way.

Now let’s be clear.  Dancer will always be the hotter of my two horses, no doubt.  He’s is schooling fourth level though, so he obviously can’t be THAT crazy!  It’s all perspective.  What I’m aiming for is Fourth Level in complete harmony despite distractions.  A tall order given Dancer’s personality but a worthy goal non the less.  What is that famous quote?…

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
Robert F. Kennedy

Ok so I may fail greatly but what if I succeed?  If Dancer and I can achieve this, do you know what that will mean for so many horses out there.  How much hope I can give to others?  It’s mind boggling.


Where does this determination come from?  The principles of Reward Based Training.  In my continued search for knowledge, I have delved deeper into the teachings of Susan Garrett.  She’s a dog trainer and her underlying foundation for all her training is “It’s Yer Choice”.  She gives the dogs the tools to make the right choice in all situations.  The right choice is the one that you teach them you want with reward based training.  She’s amazing.

So over the next couple months I will be dissecting her teachings and applying them to horses.  In fact, I already started this morning.