Do Horses Love Learning?

Teaching Horses To Love Learning

Does your horse look forward to his workouts? Does he easily understand what is expected of him? Does he enthusiastically perform? Or is his training laborious, repetitive, forced and coerced?

Do you want to develop better communication with your horse? Deepen the connection and bond? Make training rewarding? See your horse motivated to learn and try new things? Experience a horse that loves learning and training?

It has been shown with people, dogs and horses that operant conditioning with rewards produces a more “happy” trainee than traditional means. Reward based training is the best way to change behavior, increase the likelihood of a behavior and teach the animal to enjoy learning. Horse owners aren’t always cognizant of their negative methods because that is traditional horse training. That is how it’s always been done. We tend to think if we aren’t beating our horses than we are doing good.

I am here to challenge you even more. Why not turn training around? Why not reward the behaviors, movements and moments that you want? Only notice the improvements, not the mistakes. Break daily routines and training regiments down into small segments that are easily taught and understood. Signal to the horse that you like these behaviors, reinforce them with rewards and see how quickly and enthusiastically your horse can learn.  Are you interested in learning more?  Keep exploring this website and contact Rebecca Douglass.

Teaching Trainers to Incorporate Rewards in their Methods

The Reward Program is not just training for tricks. It a whole training method based on learning behavior and animal cognition. The Reward Program can be used to introduce clippers, vacuums, trailering and a host of horse management tasks. It can also be used to teach flying changes, piaffe, jumping, better connection, extensions and collection. One can take the principles of learning theory and apply it to any discipline. The sky is the limit.  The payoff for us as trainers?  The horse thoroughly enjoys his job and loves learning.

Reward based training allows the trainer to take into account each individual personality and how that particular horse learns. It can build motivation when it’s needed in lazy horses and at the same time build confidence in the fearful horse. Best of all it builds a solid relationship, brings the best out of each horse and honors their spirit.

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